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Your cotton candy was a big hit at my daughter's baby shower. I took your clear plastic pink cotton candy and put a picture of my daughter as a baby on each one and put the statement: When I am twenty-two I will have my first daughter Sanaa'. Then I placed the cotton candy around the cake as well as having it flow out of two pink baskets on each side of the cake. Thank You again for diligently getting my orders out in time for my events. Dina Brown


The peanuts and the tour of your facility will forever endear us to Papa John's Peanuts. We love your product and will continue to be ambassadors of good will for you in Kentucky. The Adams

The Wolfe Family
Happy Birthday-Papa John's Peanuts Cotton Candy
Mr. and Mrs. Wolfe decided they will have ALL THREE! Happy Father's day and Happy Birthday to our g

The Wofe Family
Happy Fathers Day Papa Johns Peanuts Cotton Candy
Mr. Wolfe wonders, "Which should he eat first? The cake,cotton candy or the boiled peanuts?

The Wolfe Family
A beautiful quilted wall hanging made by his daughter for a gift!

The Wolfe Family
Papa Johns Peanuts CustomerChicken Ranch
PJP's customers, Little Hazel and Buttercup, at the Chicken Ranch

The cotton candy we purchased was PERFECT and a huge hit with the kids! Thank you so much PJP for working with me on the special color and getting my order to me on-time. I will spread the word about Papa John's Peanuts!  
Thanks for helping make so many great memories for the kids!  
Holli W.
Knoxville TN

cotton candy cones.jpg

Dear Papa John! I recently found your website and ordered 100 bags of cotton candy for my grandbaby's first birthday party. Of course I had to sample one, that turned into two and so on!! I have had alot of cotton candy in my day and i have to tell you that this is no doubt the BEST I have ever had! A friend warned me about pre-packaged candy not being fresh and sometimes hard spots in it. Your cotton candy is so soft,fresh,and really good!! I am so happy that I found you and would put full trust in ordering anything from you. I just might have to be put on auto-ship!! The cotton candy IS that GOOD!!   Thank You! Jacque

Adorable ducky baby shower by  Ms. Deidre B.





 The kids had a great time and thanks to the cotton candy. You were so generous to donate. The thing 1 and thing 2 cupcakes were a huge hit! Thank you for the help and may life treat you well!




Ms. Bonnie's cute labels on our blue cotton candy bags were a special touch to a perfect baby shower


Kastles N Air used the White Satin Cotton Candy with glow bracelets to create an out-of-this-world delicious masterpiece during their party to release their debut album "Infinity and Beyond" Thanks Papa John's, You Rock!!


Happy 1st Birthday Logan! So happy that everyone enjoyed the cotton candy!


We had a fundraiser at my daughter's volleyball home game to make some money for senior night.  Papa John's Cotton Candy was a big hit!  It tastes so fresh and has a great flavor better than any I have tasted!


Thank you for the great service and will recommend you to anyone that asks where it came from.
Have a wonderful rest of the week and weekend.  God Bless you and the USA.
Barbara H.

I have always purchased your cotton candy at various locations for my children without really paying attention to the name or brand. Today when I entered a store near my home, Race Trac, in Boute, La.  I grabbed three bags of cotton candy from the gentleman who was unpacking his box to stock the rack. He so politely thanked me for purchasing the product. This polite gesture, made me a customer for life. Thanks for employing such genuine people!  Nikki D.



Your wonderful candy for our gala at the Children's Hospital. Christy.


Thanks so much for sending the cotton candy for it to arrive in time for National cotton candy day, which was also my daughter’s birthday.



Just wanted to tell you the cotton candy was a huge hit and the best cotton candy we ever ate! Thank you.!! Everyone loved it. Happy new year!! K Gazza




Jennifer made Red Velvet cupcakes topped with blue cotton candy for a Cat In The Hat themed baby shower for a boy... Thanks again for all the last minute help, y'all were a life saver.


The cotton candy was a hit !! Thanks for helping make Ben's party extra special!


Sent in from David Owens, "I love the price and your peanuts :-)  thank you !!"



Thank you Jill for the adorable cupcakes topped with Papa John's white satin cotton candy..


"Thanks to our happy peanut customer, "Ms. Sittig" for her creative "thank you Pretty Pink Booties" to Jill, PJP's Sales and Shipping Rep. for excellent customer service. (Her son, Holden, got to wear them first.)


A Lil Preschool's end of the summer party!

Your peanut's are the best ! I was just in Georgia for a family emergency and bought some of your peanuts every morning on our way to the hospice home my sister is in. It was pretty much all I ate . We had to return to Wisconsin and I finally found your site and can't wait to order some . They'll be great for the holidays , and fun to introduce to all our friends and family since no one around here has ever heard of them !! Merry Christmas and thank you !  Kim

" Thanks so much for the order of cotton candy, it was a hit!!! "

The Fun Day Committee

Many thanks to our customer for his kind remarks. " If you ever stop making, selling or distributing your boiled peanuts, my ghost will haunt you throughout your days. They are unbelievable!!!"

Thank you Papa John's Peanuts! The cotton candy arrived on time and it was fresh. The cotton candy was a BIG hit. Everyone loved it. We will be back for our next event!

We got our shipment in today.  Thanks for the great customer service.  By the way, we already ripped open a bag......delicious!!!

Kathy Striano-Preece


Here is pic of the cupcakes I made using your blue cotton candy.  Thanks for making sure I got it on time.

Lora Paugh


Just a quick note to tell you my order arrived and it is PERFECT! Thank you so much for your amazing service and for the record this stuff is delicious! Mommy to be loved it!  Thanks again and keep up the great work!



I bought the 2 ounce bags as gifts at my daughters wedding that took place Aug 31, 2013. Her wedding colors were eggplant and lilac so we went the purple (lilac) colored cotton candy. We placed our own custom labels. They were a huge hit and were very fresh!!! Everyone loved them!! Thank you Papa John's Peanuts for helping making my daughters wedding a success. Sincerely V. Meredith (Greensboro, NC)



Sent in by Shanae Jenkins


We thank Phyllis for the outstanding job using our candy for her baby shower.


Pictures of  my daughters Taylor and Jaidyn birthday treats.  I made personalized labels to go on your clear bags of cotton candy.  It was a HUGE success.  Everyone loved them kids and adults alike.  Thanks so much for this sweet and easy treat!

Farm Day
.........a few pictures from Farm Day

Farm Day
We had a great day.

Farm Day
Lots of kids!
Farm Day
And lots of fun!
Farm Day
Everyone brought food for Seamark Ranch
Farm Day
Rather than gifts for my birthday, we collected almost 200 pounds of food for Seamark Ranch.
Farm Day
I had a wonderful birthday!
Farm Day
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!
McKenzie's 3rd Birthday

Thanks for the cotton candy. It was the highlight of the party.

Our sincere thank you to Mr. Kendrick from Papa John's Peanuts for being a PJP fan and for his kind remarks: "I've had some very good ones in the past. I come from a deep southern heritage. Your's are without a doubt, BLUE RIBBON material.........."

"I want to say your cajun boiled peanuts are really good...I live in New York and anytime someone in my family goes to Florida I have them bring me back bags of them... "

Thank You


"The Goober Truck arrived today, and "wet ones" are a brewing!  What a pleasure to have a bowl of these for Thursday night football!  I expect I'll have company tonight, to savor the flavor of these delicacies!  You over did the generous bit, but I'm not sending any back!  Have a great Thanksgiving Holiday, and a Blessed Christmas!"

We all at PJP thank you Mr. Kelley.....we love your great sense of humor!!!!


PJP appreciates our customer T. Vosburg's kind comment, "Just wanted to say.  Your peanuts I ordered for Christmas were enjoyed by all."

"Love these, I can't get my fill!" 

Thank You, George


Another comment on our boiled peanuts:

"Best in the country."

from R Blair

Zayvon's 10th Birthday
Sent in by R. Boykin

"I have ordered from you guys before (August of 2012) for my son's 1st birthday and everyone loved your cotton candy.  I'm sure we will have the same reaction now for my daughter's 1st birthday!"

Thank you, T. Zamboli

Absolutely love your boiled peanuts. Being stationed all the way on the west coast I always make sure that when I home visiting family I get myself a couple of bags to take back with me. 

Troyvoris Henley

The Romeyn Family
"Our baby shower was a total success"

"Our beautiful baby great granddaughter was born  November 2, 2013 beautiful and healthy."

Thank you again,

The Romeyn Family

The Romeyn Family
"The fastest moving item of treats on these tables was the delicious pink cotton candy"
The Romeyn Family
"Everyone was so helpful in getting the cotton Candy to us in time due to my procrastination"
The Romeyn Family
"They told me what day it would be here and it was right on time! Thank you all for your help."
The Rose Family
Morgan and Jeremy Cotton Candy Wedding Favor
Morgan and Jeremy's Cotton Candy Wedding Favors

PJP appreciates our customer cheers:  "I just wanted to say that I received my peanuts that friends had sent to me.  I am 6 months pregnant and have been craving boiled peanuts, so they purchased through yall and oh my gosh!  These are the most flavorful, big, sweet, juicy peanuts I've ever had.  They were shipped with quality in mind.  I live near DC now but I used to live in FL so I know all about how boiled peanuts should taste like.  Compliments to the chef!  Because of yall and my friends I am a very happy, well satisfied momma.  Thank you all so much!!!" L.C.

Mr & Mrs Frazier Prince Levi Baby Shower
Mr & Mrs Frazier Prince Levi Baby Shower
Cotton Candy Stations
Cotton Candy Stations
Cotton Candy Stations
Cottan Candy Stations
Cotton Candy Stations
Cotton Candy Stations
My guests loved these party favors! Sara Wendt
S. Wendt Party Favors
Cotton candy was a hit! C. Holmes

Order was easy to place and product arrived when they said it would.  The best cotton candy I've ever tasted.  I tried the blue one and it reminds me of Trix Cereal.  I instantly felt like a kid again.  The 1 oz bags are big enough to share.  I can't say enough good things about Papa John's cotton candy. :) Kristin

"Daughters Baby Shower"
The cotton candy was a big hit. Everyone loved it. Can't wait for the next event to order more.

PJP is thankful to Donna B for her kid comments:

I received my order for boiled peanuts in great time and they are wonderful as a northerner who loves boiled peanuts and could only get them on visits.  I am so glad to find your mail order site.  Thank you for making this specialty of the south available.  Most northerners dont know what they're missing, (but I will try to rectify that in my small way).  Thanks again!

Disney Birthday Party with Papa John's Cotton Cand
Disney Birthday Party Candy Table

Our "Moonlight Masquerade" Gala was a wonderful success!  You helped to make it happen!  On behalf of the Sawgrass Nature Center & Wildlife Hospital, I would like to extend our sincerest appreciation for your Cotton Candy for Goody Bags.

Y'all are the best for suprise gifts, people don't know what to think when they get a huge box of many many bags of pink and blue cotton candy for their birthday or just as a gift to say I love you, thank you for being here and being so convenient.    K. Foster



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