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Many thanks to our customers for sharing their memories with us!! 

Please send your pictures with your permission to display them on our website to


Sweet Shop with Papa John's Cotton Candy!!



Cloud Computing used our Satin White Cotton Candy to promote their services at a trade show in Colorado.  According to Mr. G the event was a huge success! 



Created 'just because' this beauty could very well be the sweetest on Valentine's Day.  Many thanks to Lahoma Fields, owner of Unique Gifts by Lahoma in Louisiana, for sharing her creative ideas for using our cotton candy.



Thank you so much for the green cotton candy. It worked and here is the picture of our entry. We came in second place! N. Love



Amy F. in Texas used blue cotton candy to decorate for a baby shower she was hosting.  Yep, it's a boy!!!



E. Woods and I placed orders with you for our Spruce Street Nursery School CIRCUS theme auction. Your cotton candy was a HUGE hit and everyone LOVED your product!!!



I made ice cream cones for my daughter in-laws baby shower. They were a big hit at the shower ...and I had more then enough cotton candy. Joyce S. in Ohio



What a hit your cotton candy was at my daughters Sweet 16. We displayed it on a candy table. Thank you so much! Carlo R.



aOur carnival was a hit! The concession stand was filled with your cotton candy! I hung it across my garage with clothes pins! The kids loved it! Your packaging was so perfect! ~ E. Blair



K. Brooks proudly displayed her birthday boy on each bag of cotton candy.  He definitely was the sweetest one at the party!!



"I have to say a big Thank you!!  I made this order as a last minute idea and you really came through and had it to me in time and it was a hit at the bridal show!!



Christina P. from Costa Mesa, CA. used pink cotton candy to make giant "cup cakes" for her daughter, Frankie's 1st birthday. 



Tracy A. from Pawtucket, RI. used our white cotton candy as fog on these Halloween castle cakes. The cotton candy was applied shortly before serving.



Cera Graphics in Raleigh, NC, used our White Satin Cotton Candy to simulate cotton bales for a real estate marketing campaign. The real estate centers around an old cotton gin site. The customers to real estate offices in that area are given a bag of "cotton" from the burlap bag. Promotional labels were placed on the promo bags of "cotton".

Cera Graphics, Raleigh, NC
Lori Hopper
Tel: 919-341-7253 



Thanks for the great cotton candy for my daughter Anna's 5th birthday carnival party! It was a hit!! You delivered quickly a few days before the party just as promised. The best part was that I was able to place my order a month before the party and not worry about it again! Thanks again for the great product and all of your help. Lea Miller, Newton Grove, NC



"Watch out where the Huskies go...don't you eat that yellow snow!"
California clothing company ordered yellow cotton candy to use as novel promotional gift.
Junk Food Clothing
Tel: 310-445-7776



Papa John's was happy to hear our cotton candy was a big hit at Camille Kate's "very special" 3rd birthday party!



Nicole H. a Graphic Designer from Englishtown, NJ whipped up these fantastic labels for a Carnival Themed Double Birthday Party!! 

Cute labels ~ Even cuter kids!!



Kimberly E. used colorful clothes pins to attach our 1oz bags of cotton candy to lattice so the kids could grab and go during a double birthday party!



Tonya of Jersey City, NJ chose our clear bags so that she could make Spiderman labels for Bless'on's 4 th birthday.



"I recently ordered some 1 oz bags of cotton candy from you for my daughter's 4th birthday. We did a carnival theme. I printed some labels to personalize the bags. Everyone loved the cotton candy and wanted to know where I had found such a great product."

Laura B.
Raleigh, NC



Here is Delany's planet Uranus, which filled an 18" plastic sphere with cotton candy to mimic the
blue-green gaseous quality of the planet. Arguably, the most appreciated science project, as Delany
offered "free samples of gas from Uranus" to her classmates...

Heather H., New York, NY



We didn't have cakes like this when we were young! Thomas the Train Engine with white cotton candy as smoke! 
Cake by Janet Mueller
Atlanta, GA


A groom's cake with a C-17 clearing cloud cover (white cotton candy). The theme is attributed to the groom's first love...military aircraft. He married his second love.
Dawn Griffin
Cake Artist and Decorator
Long Beach , CA



Special request for white cotton candy as ingredient for an ice cream cake from the Arthur Roger's Gallery in New Orleans.

Arthur Roger's Gallery
New Orleans, LA
Tel: 504-522-1999



I used your white satin cotton candy to decorate and create an arctic reef as a part of the whale theme i had for my son's First b'day party. The kids loved pulling apart pieces of candy off the center piece and eat it. I am really impressed by your service. Keep up the good work. ~ Ms. Himani



Daniel Walp of Kailua Kona, Hawaii, ordered cotton candy for his girlfriend. Knowing that we love photos, he emailed a few back to us. Thanks, Dan. 



For my daughters 8th birthday I purchased the 1 oz bags of cotton candy and made my own labels. I displayed them on the candy buffet table. They were a huge hit. Thank you so much. ~ Lisa



These are the pictures from my daughter KeSeanna's eleventh birthday party/carnival celebration.   Thank You and everyone enjoyed the cotton candy. ~ K. Bassette

This was a party favor for Alexis 1st birthday! It was a hit! We do this for all our birthdays and showers! People love it! Plus it tastes great! Deanna


 J. Agster held a circus theme birthday for her 5 and 2 year old daughters. She
created photo labels to the bags and taped on a Fun Swirl Lolly Pop to dress them up!



C. Ankeny in Texas used our cotton candy at her party.  The small floss machine replica was an added touch!


Rosemary used blue cotton candy as favors for a baby shower.  She attached cute little tags on each one! 


K. Villano says:I made my own labels for the bags to display...what a hit they were!  Everyone loved the cotton candy...children AND adults!!  :-)   Thank you so much for providing such a fun, sweet treat!



The candy station was a big hit.  Many people said the cotton candy was the best tasting they'd ever had. ~ J. Brown



White and Blue cotton candy were used to make the clouds for this wedding cake.  Congratulations to the happy couple!!


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